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We are a Melbourne-based creative studio. We work across all mediums.

We understand the importance of strategy. We understand the need for engagement and we understand how they go together. That’s why we create articulate, simple, engaging and beautiful work.
We love to create commercials, identities, animations, websites, apps, films and books and we love working in any media from film, to digital to paper to clay.
We know that different people have different strengths, so we tailor our team based on what you need, to bring together the best possible people for your project.

We’re not complicated, just thoughtful.

Video Showreel

A showcase of our video projects. From our Who’s Your Daddy app, to working with artists Beastman and Adnate, to a warehouse filled wall-to-wall with trampolines and laser tag, to meaningful and educational work alongside the Departments of Health and Education, each project has been both a challenge and a thrill.

Animation Showreel

A showcase of our animation projects from the past few years. Whether we were exterminating germs for the Department of Health (sorry, Brian), bringing social petworking to life for your Bark Buds, teaching kids how to not suck at trampolining or helping Victoria to become a healthier place, we had a blast.

Sky Zone


Sky Zone

We’re lucky enough to work with Australia’s biggest trampoline park. From TVCs to tag lines and radio ads to animations, we’re all about that anti-gravity goodness. 

Copy and creative direction for a Sky Zone print campaign.


Some new menu illustrations.

Sky Zone brand video 2016.


Sky Zone brand shoot 2016.

We decided to delve into the DIY and get some zines together. “Things In The Sky That Are Scary” was launched at the Halloween Vault party.


Some illustrations to span Sky Zone’s ultimate challenge – The Wall.

Sky Zone – Head in the Clouds

Get your head in the clouds.
A new visual direction for Sky Zone, created with Alex Stoddard.


Early Years Posters

We’ve worked closely with the Department of Education and Healthy Together Victoria on a number of projects now, but perhaps our favourite saw us step away from the screen and get back into the analogue cut and paste game.

Shop, Store, Cook and Eat safe

When the Department of Health asked us to create an animation to illustrate the importance of handling food appropriately, we decided to have some fun. Introducing Brian, Bobby, Billy and Bernie – the cute but germy bacteria clan who just love to get into your lunch. The animation can also be viewed in Arabic, Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese. Fancy.
watch the animation

Holey Moley

Holey Moley Golf Club is one of our favourite projects to date. We did the naming, branding, tone of voice, marketing and social media collateral. We did the art direction on the interior fit out and got elbow deep in paint. We named every burger, pizza and cocktail and we designed most of the holes.

It’s Brisbane’s best mini golf. Par none.

Holey Moley Continued


Who’s your daddy?


Who’s your daddy?

9 months peace of mind for the price of a small beer. “Who’s Your Daddy?” is the essential new app for dads-to-be.

So your wife/girlfriend/partner is pregnant. Now what? Who’s Your Daddy is the iPhone app for first-time dads (and mums).Sitting as the #1 Lifestyle app in Australia as well as Apple’s app-of-the-month, Who’s Your Daddy uses humour and language you won’t need a medical dictionary to decipher to give you weekly updates and a day-to-day guide through the daunting nine months of pregnancy.

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watch the video

Who’s your daddy hero


Strike Bowling

We are creating and curating all campaigns and content for Strike bowling. We have have made TV ads, experiential campaigns, radio ads, t-shirts, billboards, events and interiors.
strike_poster_1TVC Creative directed at Loud&Clear
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strike_poster_2Outdoor Campaign
strike_poster_3Tactical print campaign

Black pin


Strike Pins





Strike Star Wars


Chaos & Friends

New logo for Chaos & Friends. A not-for-profit organisation specialising in the creation of the finest screen media.



Branding and creative direction for Strike Entertainment.

Fill Bill

Fill Bill

A Bill Murray analog colouring book.

William James Murray. Actor. Comedian. Ghostbuster. Wes Anderson ‘it’ girl. Adonis. Legend. Modern history’s most mythical creature.

Men want to be him. Women want to be him. Everyone wants to be him.

In a world filled with too much stuff that isn’t Bill Murray, there can never be enough Bill Murray.

Fill your life with Bill. Fill Bill.

Rollers/Sparkers “Slit Fricative”

Watching paint dry can be pretty tedious. However, watching it run, crawl, trickle, flow, bounce and coagulate is anything but.

Synaesthesia is the curious condition where there is a mingling of the senses. Hearing the word unicorn you might think of blue, whereas hearing a musical note a person with synaesthesia might see a colour, for example f-sharp might be red.

We wanted to explore this phenomena so over two days and nights in a studio we shot thousands of individual paint drops and drips. These were then assembled into a synaesthetic kinetic abstract experiment.

A year of tees


A year of tees

One t-shirt designed, uploaded, blogged, facebooked, tweeted and sold every day for a year. The t-shirts were subsequently sold in Topshop and galleries all over the world and featured on sites like Brainpicker and It’s Nice That.

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A year of tees continued

The redacted history of the Institute of Contextualism

The redacted history of the Institute of Contextualism

A factual redacted history of a semi-fictional secret society that operated sometime in the 20th century.

188 pages
1st Edition 2013
130 x 197mm
4.8 ounces
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The redacted history of the Institute of Contextualism continued








Custodian print brokers wanted to promote their services to existing and potential clients. To do this we took a humourous approach to what was a pretty dry subject. We decided to show some of the pitfalls of taking the wrong approach to printing and that being cheap was not good for your brand in the long run. The brochure was printed on 10 paper types using 10 print techniques with messages that anybody thinking about buying print could understand. This picked up 15 international design and DM awards including gold at the Caples.

Custodian continued


What we do.

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